On the Creation of Lois Hole Provincial Park

April 22, 2005

By Louise Horstman
Director and Former President
Big Lake Environment Support Society

Renowned hugger of grandchildren, Lois,
Today in your name
A gift is given
To the grandchildren of Alberta:

The splendor of swans on a glassy lake;
The grace of Avocets foraging in the shallows;
The majesty of the Eagle sailing through clouds;
The pride of the Mallard leading her brood;
The patience of the Heron awaiting a minnow;
The speed of the Falcon pursing its prey;
The stillness of the Bittern hiding in the reeds;
The joy of the Tern, swooping and climbing;
The excitement of flocks massing for migration.

As they soar on wind above Big Lake
So too do our spirits soar,
Knowing that grandchildren for decades to come
Shall see what we have seen
In this your special place.