BLESS Events

BLESS Celebrates World Migratory Bird Day 2022 at Big Lake

World Migratory Bird Day and BLESS 30th Anniversary, September 2021

World Migratory Bird Day, May 18th, 2019

International Migratory Bird Day and Clean and Green River Fest, May 9th, 2015

Springing to Life 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting

Vegetation Survey of LHCPP

Earthday 2012

Photo Monitoring Tour of Big Lake, July 2010

Binoculars Installation and Unveiling at the BLESS Platform (May 2010)

Clean Up the Sturgeon 2010

Springing to Life 2010

Spruce Up the Sturgeon 2009

Springing to Life 2009

Spruce Up the Sturgeon 2008

Springing to Life 2008

Spruce Up the Sturgeon 2007

Earthday 2007

Springing to Life 2007

List of 2007 Events

2007 Annual General Meeting

Roy Financial Mayor's Walk 2006

Spruce Up the Sturgeon 2006

Earthday 2006

Springing to Life 2006

List of 2006 Events

2006 Annual General Meeting

2005 Christmas Bird Count

Photos – 2005 Water Quality Awareness Day Sampling

Photo Monitoring Tour of Big Lake, July 2005

Roy Financial Mayor's Walk 2005

Spruce Up the Sturgeon 2005

Earthday 2005

2005 Annual General Meeting














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Photo Credits
Top: Dave Burkhart (all panels)
Left: John Samson (panels 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6), Dave Burkhart (panel 2)