Documents and Reports

Map to the Observation Platform on Big Lake

BLESS Bird Guide to Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park

Springing to Life Bird Count Records, 2005-2016

BLESS Plant Guide of Lois Hole Provincial Park

BLESS Rare Plant Survey of Lois Hole Provincial Park

Summer Nature Centre Report - September 2014

BLESS 2006 Water Quality Monitoring Program Report

Is there hope for the Sturgeon River?, Article By Derek Richmond

Results of the November 15th, 2006 public meeting that explored interpretive centre possibilities for Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park

St. Albert Christmas Bird Count, 1991-2006

End to End – The State of the Sturgeon River and the Alberta Water Crisis, Kevin Ma - May 2006

Eared Grebes on Big Lake - June 2006

July 2005 Spill Dumps a Million Litres of Sewage Into Riparian Area Near Big Lake

BLESS River Edge Enhancement Project Report, September 2005

BLESS River Edge Enhancement Project Council Presentation (Powerpoint File), September 19 2005

2004 Bird Sightings at the Big Lake Viewing Platform

BLESS Migratory and Breeding Bird Survey Of the Big Lake Natural Area, Alberta, January 2004 (HTML)

BLESS Big Lake Migratory and Breeding Bird Survey, January 2004 (1.7 MB PDF File)

BLESS Response to the City of St. Albert West Regional Road Environmental Impact Assessment, December 2003

White Spruce Forest Plant Species, Elke Blodgett, June 2003

Tundra Swans on Big Lake, Bob Lane

Sturgeon River Fish Kill, November 2002

Water Analyses, June 2002

CKUA's EcoFile, "Big Lake an Important Bird Area", 16 September 2000 (9MB MP3 file)

Big Lake Important Bird Area Conservation Plan, Bob Lane, Fall 2000. (352 KB PDF file)










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Photo Credits
Top: John Samson (all panels)
Left: John Samson (panels 2, 5 and 8), John Warden (panel 3), Elke Blodgett (panel 4), Dave Burkhart (panels 1, 6 and 7)