Spring 2007 High Water Levels on Big Lake

Spring of 2007 saw the highest water levels on Big Lake since 1997. The water level peaked on May 12th at 651.444 metres above sea level, approximately one metre higher than the high water level of the previous year.

The photos below were taken on the ground from around the east bay on May 13th.

The Big Lake Environment Support Society took Aerial Photos of the lake on April 25th with the water level at 651.349 metres.

More photos of Big Lake taken by Dave Conlin during the 2007 spring flood event can be found at http://www.pbase.com/cooldave/spring_flood.

According to the Alberta Environment Planning Division Sturgeon River Basin Study of November 1977, the high water level recorded in 1974 for what was deemed a 1:80 year flood event was 653.277 metres ASL.

Water levels recorded in the past for Sturgeon River stations in St. Albert are available at the Environment Canada website.

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