BLESS Celebrates World Migratory Bird Day at Big Lake

The public is invited to the Big Lake Environment Support Society's annual World Migratory Bird Day event that will feature displays, exhibits and family-fun activities to celebrate migratory birds and highlight Big Lake and Lois Hole Provincial Park.

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2022
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Lois Hole Provincial Park, west of Ray Gibbon Drive and LeClair Way,

The theme this year is "Dim The Lights For Birds At Night".

The event will feature the following organizations and activities:

  • BLESS will provide information about our past and ongoing stewardship activities, including the summer nature program for kids. There will also be educational displays on the negative effects of light pollution on migrating birds, and ways in which we can all help to mitigate this problem. The migration routes of the specified birds will be displayed on maps of North and South America.
  • Alberta Parks will provide a display and have handouts regarding their activities in Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park, including the new trail map signs that they will be installing.
  • Nature Alberta will provide a display with lots of information and activities that will include a children's craft.
  • Ducks Unlimited will provide information regarding their activities in the Big Lake area.
  • The Wagner Nature Area will have a display about their activities just west of Edmonton.
  • North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance will have a display about the watershed and how it is protected.
  • A pond dipping station activity on the boardwalk will be operated by a "Bug Expert" from the City of Edmonton.
  • A Provincial ornithologist will share his expertise regarding the birds that migrate through this area.
  • On the BLESS Viewing Platform, the local branch of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, named "Wild Outside", will be demonstrating their "i naturalist" app, which assists people to identify wildlife and recognise bird songs, etc.
  • IG Wealth Management, event sponsor, will provide handouts and treats to visitors.

This is a free event that will provide displays and activities that will be of interest to all ages. Throughout the pandemic we have all turned our interest towards the outdoors. Birds have given us many moments of joy. Now is the time to learn how we can help out and respect our feathered friends.