Springing to Life 2015

Despite bitter winds the first day, a record number of people participated in the 2015 Springing to Life bird count at the BLESS Platform on April 18th and 19th. A total of 110 people attended over the weekend, 46 on the cold and windy Saturday and 64 on Sunday which was sunny and far warmer.

Bird sightings, however, were down in 2015 at roughly 1/3 of the average normally spotted during the event over the years. An early spring is suspected to be the cause, with many birds migrating through before the mid April Springing to Life Event.

Long time BLESS member Dan Stoker, who organizes Springing to Life every year, has amassed 10 years of bird sighting data which is available here.

Additional data for bird sightings at the BLESS platform on BIg Lake can be found here.

St. Albert Gazette Article covering the event.

Photos from Springing to Life 2015

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