BLESS Annual General Meeting 2005

President Bob Russell presided over the BLESS 2005 Annual General Meeting on January 12th at the Fountain Park Pool in St. Albert. There was a good turnout of members both old and new.

Treasurer Miles Constable reported on BLESS finances and, in his role as Stewardship Director, talked about some of the stewardship activities that BLESS was involved with in 2004. Dan Stoker talked about BLESS education and community outreach initatives in 2004. Bob Russell summed up the executive reports with the President's report on 2004 BLESS activities.

Guest speakers included Archie Landals, Director Alberta Government Community Development Heritage Protection and Recreation Management Branch and Roger Belley of the City of St. Albert Parks and Recreation Department. Mr. Landals provided members with an update of the Big Lake Management Committee. He spoke about the makeup of the committee, plans for a provincial park and the Big Lake Basin Study. Roger Belley spoke of city initiatives with regards to the Big Lake Natural Area.

Photos from the 2005 AGM

BLESS Board of Directors – 2005

The following were elected to the BLESS Board of Directors at the 2005 Annual General Meeting. Areas of responsibility were decided at the first meeting of the board on January 15th.

Nicholas Batchelor Secretary
Bill Bocock Director Land Use (Oil and Gas)
Dave Burkhart President (email)
Bruce Cameron Treasurer
Miles Constable Vice-president Stewardship
Louise Horstman Director Education
Stuart Loomis Vice-President Land Use (Road)
Len Nobert Director
Nick Robinson Director Membership
Bob Russell Past President
John Sampson Director Land Use (Oil and Gas)